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Catalogues 2018

Low voltage devices

Industrial plugs and sockets

Switching devices
Switching devices UL
Combination units
Quality management system
acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001 2015 Certificate
Environmental management system
acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001 2015 Certificate

International certification of our products is a prerequisite for our high export rates. Certification is awarded by independent institutions, such as the VDE testing centre, using CCA and CB processes and protocols.ABL SURSUM products are approved by the following national and international testing centres:

CE label

The CE label certifies the safety standard compliance of certain products according to EU Law. By displaying the CE label, the manufacturer confirms that the device complies with the applicable European regulations. The CE label is itself not a quality seal.

Certification labels

Compliance declarations

Australian standard power connectors

Socket outlets for industrial applications

Residual current devices




Outlet boxes

Outlet boxes

Industrial grade power connectors

ABL adapters
PCE adapters
PCE sockets
PCE plugs

Industrial grade power connectors UL

UL sockets
UL plugs

Small power distributors

Small power distributors

Charging poles

eMC2 charging pole

Protective earth monitoring

single phase, SLU1P
3-phase, SLU3P

Special power connectors


Company philosophy

ABL is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic products in Germany. ABL therefore takes responsibility for high quality, and energy efficient manufacture and trade that protect the environment.

ABL commits to meeting all legislated and customer-specific requirements on the basis of the quality, environmental, energy and safety standards it sets itself. Based on these standards, ABL is engaged in constant, intensive and sustainable exchange with its staff, customers and suppliers. ABL ensures that the company philosophy is disseminated, implemented and monitored.

The integrated quality, environmental, energy, and occupational health and safety management system is a strong component of ABL company culture.


Download the company philosophy here

Low Voltage Devices
data sheets

Combination units
data sheets

Fixed socket outlet combinations
Z 45 Wall
Z 51
Z 52
Z 54
Z 59
Z 60
Z 88
Mobile socket outlet combinations
Z 30
Z 45 Box
Z 48
Z 58
Z 68
Z 78
Data sheets

eMobility data sheets

eMH1 Wallbox with cable
EVSE503 data sheet
EVSE511 data sheet
EVSE531 data sheet
EVSE553 data sheet
EVSE563 data sheet
EVSE573 data sheet
EVSE5C3 data sheet
eMH1 Wallbox with socket
EVSE502 data sheet
EVSE512 data sheet
EVSE552 data sheet
EVSE572 data sheet
eMH3 Single wallbox
3W2205 data sheet
3W2207 data sheet
3W2208 data sheet
3W2209 data sheet
eMH3 Twin Wallbox
3W2210 data sheet
3W2213 data sheet
3W2214 data sheet
3W2215 data sheet
3W2217 data sheet
3W2219 data sheet
3W2220 data sheet
3W2221 data sheet
3W2222 data sheet
3W2226 data sheet
3W4401 data sheet
eMC2 charging pole
eMC2 22 kW 2P2203 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4403 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4418 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4422 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4423 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4424 data sheet
eMC2 44 kW 2P4426 data sheet
eMC2 Smart 44 kW EMC445K data sheet
eMC3 charging pol
eMC3 3P4400
Drilling template for eMH1
Drilling template for bracket eMH1
Foundation for pole eMH1/eMH3
Foundation for charging pole eMC2/eMC3

Operating manuals
Combination units

Protective earth monitoring
PRCDs, safety power strips
Protective earth monitoring modules
SLS lighting control
SLS lighting control H II Generation, HYMER
SLS lighting control KT, KNAUSS TABBERT
SLS lighting control Adria, ADRIA
SLS lighting control F Paganini, KNAUSS TABBERT
SLS4K40 lighting control

Operating manuals

Press releases

Press texts
Press text: ABL – since 1923.
SCHUKO Hightech power connectors
SCHUKO Professional power connectors
Press images
ABL Press Kit eMobility
ABL Press Kit Low Voltage Devices
ABL Press Kit Switching devices
ABL Press Kit Combination units


REACH declaration of compliance
REACH customer information


RoHS/RoHS II confirmation

Software RFID

for the RFID function of the eMH3 Wallbox

Download the software to operate the RFID function here.

Software SBC3 and SBC II

Software homeCLU

ABL charging stations
Texts for tenders

eMH1 Wallbox with charging cable

Text for tenders EVSE503: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE511: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE531: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE553: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE563: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE573: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel

eMH1 Wallbox with charging socket

Text for tenders EVSE502: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE512: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE552: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel
Text for tenders EVSE572: Word | TXT | RTF | Excel

eMH3 Wallbox

Text for tenders 3W2205: Word
Text for tenders 3W2207: Word
Text for tenders 3W2208: Word
Text for tenders 3W2209: Word
Text for tenders 3W2214: Word
Text for tenders 3W2215: Word
Text for tenders 3W2216: Word
Text for tenders 3W4401: Word

eMC2 charging pole

Text for tenders 2P2203: Word
Text for tenders 2P2204: Word
Text for tenders 2P4402: Word
Text for tenders 2P4403: Word
Text for tenders 2P4404: Word
Text for tenders 2P4418: Word
Text for tenders 2P4419: Word
Text for tenders EMC445K: Word

ABL terms and conditions of use for image and text



eMH1 (11kW) installation video
eMH1 (22kW) installation video