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Return Policy

§ 8 Return Policy

For defect-free products and deliveries, the Seller has a return policy on a goodwill basis under the following conditions, which must be met cumulatively and in total:

The return of goods was announced by the customer and approved by ABL customer service. Unannounced returns will be returned to the customer by ABL at the expense of the customer.
The purchase of the goods (the date of dispatch by ABL is decisive in this respect) took place within a period of 2 years from receipt of the returns request.
The goods are in their original packaging.
The returns request refers to complete packaging units.

The return is also subject to the following procedural requirements and can only take place if these are met:

The return shall be sent to ABL free of charge.
The customer shall receive an RMA number and a returns form by e-mail, which must be enclosed with the goods.
The RMA number issued upon authorisation must be clearly visible on the goods.

ABL shall charge the customer a processing fee of 25% of the net value of the goods plus any discount and/or bonus payments applied. Any necessary repackaging, freight, customs or other costs incurred, increased processing costs or goods returned in a condition which does not correspond to the condition of the original shipment, shall be subject to a higher processing fee in each case. This increased processing fee will be communicated to the customer by ABL. Returns are subject to payment of this processing fee.