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ABL - Pioneer of eMobility

ABL is one of the pioneers of electric mobility. The independent family-owned company from Franconia produces wallboxes and charging columns for private, semi-public and public use. With its smart charging solutions, ABL is becoming a trend-setting player in the energy transition.

In Norway, currently the country with the highest density of electric vehicles worldwide, ABL is already market leader in the wallbox segment. ABL is also a reliable partner for Daimler AG and Audi AG in the field of eMobility. Cities such as Munich and Nuremberg rely on ABL products for the development of public charging infrastructure.

With its eMobility products ABL continues the technological tradition of the company. Company founder Albert Büttner developed the SCHUKO plug in 1925, today the most widely used standard for plug devices worldwide. This success story is now being continued in a time of electromobility with innovative solutions in the field of eMobility. Thereby ABL sets standards in the development of user-friendly charging infrastructure.



Powerful connections

Almost 100 years of experience in the development and production of plugs and sockets are the basis of ABL's expertise in this segment. In 1925, company founder Albert Büttner invented the SCHUKO plug - today the most widely used plug and socket system in the world.

Over time, ABL has further developed the classic SCHUKO rubber plug and added other international standards to its range. The Professional and Hightech series represent a new generation of modern SCHUKO plugs and sockets. They are extremely resilient and very easy to connect.

New materials, such as the high-performance plastic Elamid, enable a long durability and withstand even the highest mechanical stress. Depending on the series, ABL Connectivity products are used, for example, on construction sites, in commercial operations, in industry or in event technology.