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Switching devices

Switching devices for electrical building infrastructure, switchgear and mechanical engineering

circuit breakers

series S, SL, T and DC

Protect against circuit overload and short circuit

Full product range

MCB miniature circuit breakers

Series S
Series SL
Series T
Series DC
Auxiliary devices for S, SL, T and DC
Busbars for S, SL, T and DC
Series T 80 A to 125 A
Auxiliary devices for T 80 A to 125 A
Series 1+N
Busbar for 1+N
Fuse switch disconnectors

Residual current circuit breakers (RCCB)

and RCCB with overcurrent protection (RCBO)

Protect from electric shock
(personal protection)

Full product range

Residual current circuit breakers (RCCB)

Series RP
Type A pulsating current sensitive, instantaneous
Type A pulsating current sensitive, short delay
Type A pulsating current sensitive, selective

Series RA
Type B all current sensitive, short delay
Type B all current sensitive, selective
Add-on auxiliary switches RP and RA


Series EB and EC
Add-on auxiliary switches

Rail-mounted devices

Switches and relays

Switch and control lighting and electrical devices

Full product range

Rail-mounted devices

SCHUKO socket
Indicator lights
Button switches
Installation relays
Remote switches
Touch dimmer switches
Multifunction relays
Grid monitoring
Installation contactors
Stairwell timer switches
Synchronizing / Quartz timer
Digital timer

Motor protective circuit breakers

IE3 compliant

Protect electric motors against overheating, overload and short circuit.

Full product range

Motor circuit breakers MS

Motor circuit breakers MS
Motor protection devices for variable-speed fan motors
Auxiliary devices and accessories

Motor circuit breakers MA

Auxiliary devices

Switching devices
according to UL

UL489 and UL 508

Switching devices for worldwide use

Full product range

Switching devices UL489 and CSA-22.2 No. 5-09

Series UL, AC model
Series DL, DC model
Auxiliary devices UL and DL
Busbars UL and DL

Switching devices according to UL508 and CSA-22.2 No. 14

Series UM
Auxiliary devices UM
Busbars UM
Busbars European standard